3 surprising natural remedies against blackheads!


Blackheads tend to form on the nose and also on the chin, 2 sensitive areas regarding sebum secretion. People with oily skin and dilated pores are most likely to get blackheads.

Small blackheads don’t necessarily need to be squeezed, but if you have the kind that resemble pimples, the only thing to do is to force them out. To do that, first wash your hands and get 2 q-tips. Don’t use your nails to handle the blackheads because you’ll end up damaging the skin even more. Once the blackhead is out, get a clean q-tip and dip it in rubbing alcohol. Damp the squeezed blackhead with it.

Here are a few remedies which you can try at home to get rid of blackheads:

Goat’s milk and nutmeg

You need: 2 tablespoons of goat’s milk, a tablespoon of nutmeg and a piece of bandage. Mix the milk with the nutmeg in a cup. Use the bandage to apply the mixture on your skin and delicately massage the skin for a minute.

Rinse generously with water and do not use any other skin products until the next day. Do this treatment twice a week.


Honey is great for getting rid of blackheads. The stickier, the better! Wash your face with warm water and steam using an herbal tea (you can use chamomile, which has powerful skin healing properties). Dry your face and apply the honey, gently massaging the skin. Do this treatment once a week.

Egg white

This a delicate natural remedy for skin. And it is also an efficient method to get rid of blackheads. You need the egg white from 2 eggs. Beat them well and add one crushed aspirin to also prevent/treat acne. Apply using a brush, and when you feel it that it is a minute away from drying, apply another layer. Do this once again, and leave to act until it dries.

After drying, soak a towel in warm water and apply it on your face until the mask loosens up. Delicate peel the egg white off of your face and generously rinse with warm water.


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