4 amazing overnight beauty treatments that work!


Here are four simple and efficient natural treatments that work while you rest:

1 Fresh and rejuvenated skin

Regardless of age, you can have a bright complexion. Put a bag of green tea in a small cup with hot water, mix it with aloe vera pulp after it cools down and apply the composition on your face, insisting in areas with pronounced wrinkles. You can also use aloe gel, which you can find in pharmacies or health food stores. Leave it to act overnight and rinse with warm water in the morning. To hydrate the skin more, you can try the mask with two teaspoons of honey mixed with egg yolk. And if you have pimples, apply toothpaste on them, before bed.
2 Beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes

Perhaps, you heard that castor oil can do wonders for your eyelashes. What you may not know is that it can also be used to regenerate eyebrows, as well. Before bedtime, after cleaning the skin and removing the makeup, apply castor oil on your eyelashes and eyebrows. Use a small brush or a cotton swab. If you repeat this treatment daily, you will notice results in less than one month
3 Beautiful hair

Olive oil has amazing effects on the hair. Take a few tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil at room temperature, and apply on the entire length of your hair, from roots to ends. Rub well, put a shower cap on your head and leave it on all night.. In the morning, wash your hair as you do normally. You can also try this mask: puree an avocado and add a few tablespoons of olive oil and proceed as above.
4 Fine heels

In order to avoid dry and cracked heels, or to treat this matter, proceed as follows:  keep your feet in warm water before bed for 10 minutes. Remove the dead skin on your heels using a pumice stone and then apply a moisturizing cream. You can also use olive oil. Put a pair of socks on and leave to act overnight.


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