5 ice teas that burn fat


Ice teas are a blessing during summer when the heat leaves you without energy. When your energy level is low, you don’t feel like working out and that can cause weight gain.

Here are 5 delicious ice teas that burn fat and keeps you sharp and hydrated even during the hottest summer day:

  1. White ice tea

White tea is green tea’s little brother. It contains a generous amount of antioxidants and has low caffeine content. It suppresses hunger, accelerates the metabolism and slows down the fat cells apparition process.

  1. Oolong ice tea  

It has a delicate aroma and it favors fat burning. It is situated between green tea and black tea and has the properties of both. It accelerates the metabolism and intensifies fat burning better than many other herbal teas.

  1. Mate ice tea

It is a favorite in South America where the ladies consume it with ice to keep their bodies slim and also fight the heat. It contains a higher amount of caffeine then black tea therefore it is advisable to consume it with moderation. A single cup a day is enough to keep your energy up and help you lose weight. It is also great against water retention.

  1. Mint ice tea

It is refreshing and contains active ingredients that intensify fat burning and improve digestion, combating constipation and bloating.

  1. Star anise ice tea

It refreshes the pancreas and it is even efficient against intestinal worms. It improves digestion and it is a fierce ally when it comes to weight loss due to the fact that it is a solution to numerous intestinal problems.

Other efficient weight loss ice teas include rose tea and ginger.

To improve the taste and make the teas more aromatic you can add lemon slices, grapefruit, orange, ginger or cinnamon.

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5 ice teas that burn fat


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