5 makeup tricks to fake a smaller nose!


A perfect face is hard to achieve, but fortunately there are so many products that can hide any imperfections, simple and quick.

Located in the center of the face, the nose catches the first glimpse when someone looks at you. If you have been gifted with a small nose, you can consider yourself lucky because you do not have to resort to various tricks to make it look smaller. But if you’re not happy with your nose and you want to create the illusion of a smaller nose, we recommend trying these makeup tricks:

1. Leave a shorter distance between the eyebrows

When you want to leave the impression of a smaller nose, you have to do an analysis of your face. Specifically, you have to look at the shape of the eyebrows. Because they are located over the nose and form a T, they influence the size of the nose.

2. Shape the nose with a darker shade of powder

Outlining the nose is the simplest method by which you can re-shape this area of the face. You need a narrow brush or medium brush and a powder for blending with one or two shades darker than your natural skin shade.

If you don’t have such a powder, you can use a neutral eye shadow, brown not too dark or too light. As well you can use a foundation with a creamy texture and creamy concealer. It is not advisable to use liquid, as will stretch too much and does not provide the definition that you need.

3. Blur the contour lines

The secret to a perfect shape and a smaller nose sits in a very simple trick: blurring the lines defined. Nobody needs to know you shaped your nose, so it is good to get rid of all the harsh lines of contour. For this you need a blending brush. Pass it several times over the contour you draw earlier, so that you get a natural look.

4. Illuminate the center of your nose

To complete the smaller nose makeup, you must use a highlighter. It may be a shade lighter you’re your natural skin tone. With a narrow brush, apply the illuminator on the centerline of the nose, between the two lines outlined above. Get the blending brush and blur the illuminator, so that you get the perfect nose: narrower and shorter.

5. Use a lipstick in a powerful shade

To distract the attention from the nose, color your lips with a powerful lipstick shade. Also avoid to strongly contour your lower eye lids because this is an attention drawer to your nose.


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