6 natural remedies to get rid of bloating!


Ever considered that maybe you can’t get the perfect abdomen because you’re bloated and not fat? Here are 6 efficient natural remedies that can help you deal with this problem:


It stimulates bile secretion, it is a muscle relaxant and it is also antispasmodic, meaning that it can relieve stomach pains.

Here’s how to prepare sage tea: boil 200ml of water with 2 teaspoons of dry sage. Boil for 15-20 minutes, at low heat. The tea must be covered with a lid the whole time it boils.

Be careful:  Sage tea (or sage in general) is not recommended for pregnant women, women who breast feed or people who suffer from epilepsy.


Stimulates digestion and fights against the accumulation of intestinal gases. Moreover, it’s great for getting rid of bad breath. You can chew fennel seeds or make tea out of them by crushing them and pouring hot water over them.

Medicinal charcoal

This is the no.1 natural remedy against bloating and has been used for years. You can find it at any pharmacy and it doesn’t cost much. It is also great for detoxing and fighting against food poisoning.


It has antispasmodic properties, relieves stomach pains and helps with intestinal gas elimination.

Boldo leaves

Boldo is a tree that grows in Chile with perfumed leaves that activate the bile secretion and fight against bloating. The leaves are also helpful against constipation.


It is not only a delicious finish for Italian dished, but it is also helpful in digestion and helps with intestinal gas elimination. Include it in your diet as much as possible.


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