8 fantastic hair treatments based on natural oils


Here are 10 fantastic hair beauty treatments based on natural oils which can be easily prepared at home:

Pomegranate seeds oil for fine hair

Pomegranate seeds oil gives hair shininess and strength. You can use it on its own or you can combine it with olive oil for maximum effect. This is how you use it: you don’t pour a bottle on your head. What you have to do is get a cotton disk, soak it in the oil and then damp your hair with it, on the roots and also on the length. Wait for 30 minutes and then wash your hair.

Rosemary oil for thin hair

It does wonders for fragile and thin hair and the reason for that is because it contains calcium, iron and vitamin B, containing regenerating and anti-aging properties. It offers hair a healthy, natural color and deeply nourishes the hair root, thus preventing hair loss.

Combination of rosemary, lavender and Sandalwood oils for dry hair

This combination of oils is especially recommended for deteriorated, dry hair due to UV exposure. You can use them individually or you can combine them for maximum effect. It offers your hair health and elasticity and it reverses deteriorated split ends.

Lemon and cypress oils for oily hair

Perhaps you’re thinking that the last thing your oily hair needs is an oily treatment. But you’re wrong! This is a great treatment for oily hair. It will balance the excess sebum and will leave your hair shiny, light and full of volume.

Olive oil for thick hair

Thick hair can be hard to handle. The olive oil will act as a hair-taming conditioner. It will offer your hair elasticity and shininess.

Avocado oil for curly hair

It’s great for curly, unruly hair. Apply it on clean, slightly wet hair, including on the scalp, and massage it for 5 minutes. Wait another 5 minutes and then wash your hair.

Walnut oil for healthy hair

Rich in vitamins E, A and B, walnut oil prevents split ends and stimulates the circulation of your scalp, thus oxygenating the skin and nurturing the hair follicles, accentuating hair growth.

All hair type oil

Regardless of your hair type, whether oily, dry or thin, this treatments works like a charm: rice bran and hemp seeds. You will see results at first use.

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8 fantastic hair treatments based on natural oils


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