9 healthy snacks under 200 calories!


It’s hard to stick to a meal plan when trying to lose weight and most of all to give up snacks. Here are 10 healthy snacks which will fulfill your hunger and cravings but that will not mess up your slimming goal.

1. A slice of bread smeared with cottage cheese, garnished with pineapple and cashew nuts
Have you ever thought about trying this combination? It is tasty and does not exceed 200 calories.

2. Sweet potato chips
Sweet potato chips can be made quickly in the microwave. You just have to cut a potato into thin slices and let it cook for five minutes in the oven. A sweet potato has about 150 calories.

3. Banana smoothie with honey and blueberries
For this you need a cup of blueberries, a banana, a teaspoon of honey, a cup of spinach leaves, a cup of ice cubes and one of water. If you don’t have blueberries, you can replace them with strawberries.

4. Carrot slices with hummus
Did you know that carrots taste amazing with hummus? 3 tablespoons of hummus and 2 carrots do not exceed 200 calories and represents a very healthy snack.

5. Apple slices with peanut butter and grapes
To fully satisfy us, snacks have to look good, not just taste good. You can impress guests with these snacks! Cut a few slices of apple, then put some peanut butter on and grapes cut in half. They are delicious!

6. Whole wheat cracker with cherry tomatoes and feta cheese
This delicious snack has only 175 calories.

7. An apple sliced with a teaspoon of honey
Cut one apple in slices, add honey and you have the perfect snack! Without exceeding 200 calories, you can also add few almonds.

8. Boiled egg with cucumber slices
This snack does not exceed 100 calories, therefore you can also add a slice of cheese.

9. Cheese and strawberries sandwich
A sandwich with cheese, strawberries and honey is a healthy choice for any time of day. For this sandwich you need a slice of bread with seeds, a few sliced strawberries, 2-3 tablespoons of cottage cheese and half a teaspoon of honey.


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