Amazingly efficient homemade remedies for stretch marks


Stretch marks are as unpleasant as cellulite. In fact, they’re connected, stretch marks occurring when there is a weight fluctuation, especially when you gain weight suddenly. Of course there are other reasons that may cause it such as pregnancy.

 Although there is no complete cure for stretch marks, you can try at home a few simple treatments, which greatly blurs their appearance.

Try these amazingly efficient remedies which you can easily do at :

1. Treatment with egg whites and olive oil

This cheap stretch mark treatment has amazing effects. After a few weeks of constant use, you’ll notice that the skin is much smoother and that the stretch marks will fade away. It is good to know that stretch marks occur when collagen fibers and proteins in the dermis are affected by sudden stretching of the skin. Therefore, you need to undo this problem, and egg white is excellent in this matter, as it is rich in proteins and amino acids. For this treatment you need:

– Two whites whites
– ½ cup olive oil

After gently exfoliating your skin, apply the egg white and let it act until it dries. Rinse the egg white and hydrate your skin with olive oil.

2. Treatment with aloe vera

Due to the high collagen content, aloe is a perfect choice for treating stretch marks. If you have an aloe vera plant at home, cut a few leaves and extract the gel inside gel or, you can buy aloe extract from you local drug store. Rub the aloe gel onto the area affected by stretch marks. After 20 minutes, remove with warm water. Repeat the treatment every 2-3 days until you notice an improvement in your skin’s appearance.

3. Treatment with coffee and argan oil
Argan oil has become very popular lately, thanks to the sensational effects it has on the skin. Besides the fact that it deeply moisturizes and nourishes, argan oil contributes to its regeneration. For this stretch mark treatment, you need:

– coffee grounds
– Argan oil

If you are struggling with stretch marks on your bottom, 3 tablespoons of coffee grounds and 3 argan oil are enough for the exfoliation treatment. The amount of ingredients may increase, depending on the size of the area you want to treat. Gently massage the mixture onto the skin, to avoid irritating it.

4. Treatment with sugar and lemon juice

To soften the appearance of the stretch marks, you can make a simple and effective treatment out of:

– 4 teaspoons powdered sugar
– 4 teaspoons almond oil
– 4 teaspoons lemon juice

Mix the ingredients together and rub the area affected by stretch marks. After 10 minutes, rinse the skin.

5. Treatment with raw potatoes

Surely you did not expect to find that ordinary potato can be effective against stretch marks. This treatment is quite simple. All you have to do is to rub the skin affected by stretch marks with slices of raw potato. It contains starch, and vitamins and minerals that contribute to skin regeneration.

6. Treatment with castor oil

Castor oil treatment involves massaging oil on the area affected by stretch marks. You have to repeat the process every night, until you notice improvements.

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Amazingly efficient homemade remedies for stretch marks


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