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How to prevent and treat ingrown hair!

This is every woman’s nightmare – ingrown hairs. They’re painful, unaesthetic and can cause serious skin problems for those with sensitive skin, especially. Here’s how to prevent and treat ingrown hair and achieve silky smooth skin all over: Choose the right hair removal method for you! If you have sensitive …

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5 makeup tricks to fake a smaller nose!

A perfect face is hard to achieve, but fortunately there are so many products that can hide any imperfections, simple and quick. Located in the center of the face, the nose catches the first glimpse when someone looks at you. If you have been gifted with a small nose, you …

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6 ideal makeu-up tricks for acne-affected skin!

Putting on makeup on an acne-affected skin is not easy. Of course, you can apply a thick coating of foundation, but that doesn’t look good or natural. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you deal with this problem: When having acne the worst thing you can do …

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How to whiten your teeth with active coal!

Don’t know what to use to get rid of those yellow teeth? Well did you know that active coal is one of the best teeth whitening solutions? Here’s a short introduction regarding its properties and also how to properly use it: How it works Charcoal is a porous material which …

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How to naturally enlarge your breasts!

Lately, breast enlargement operations have become more and more popular. But before turning to surgery, you might want to try these natural methods which have been proven quite efficient in breast enlargement: Eat your way to a larger breast size Since old times women have taken advantage of the healing …

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Get rid of dental tartar at home using nutshells!

Tartar represents the stone-like formation on the surface of the teeth with a coloring that varies from light yellow to brown and which usually forms due to bad oral hygiene. It is recommended to get a professional scaling once or twice a year. However, there are also natural remedies which …

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