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DIY Beauty Treatments

Dill – A beauty secret not many people know about

Dacians considered dill to be a magical plant, while the Greeks, Chinese and Indians used it to treat various diseases in ancient times. Insomnia, digestion disorders, menstrual pain, cramps, asthenia, migraines can be treated with dill, which does wonders when used in beauty treatments, as well.

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Cheap beauty treatments you can try at home

Every woman loves beauty treatments. Cellulite wraps, facial masks, hydration treatments, scrubs, relaxing massages … all these help us keep our beauty and youth. But as much as we like these “indulgences” they cost a lot of money at professional salons.

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Quick beauty sessions with honey

There are many people who have escaped acne using honey, while others have found that it helps to blur the scars left by it. Before using it on your face, make sure your hair is pulled back tight! If you have makeup on your face, you should clean it first.

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