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Miracle diet – lose weight while sleeping!

It may sound too good to be true but it is! An American doctor has created a diet that gets you slimmer overnight. The diet promises to get up to 6kg off in just one week, while still letting you enjoy potatoes, pasta dishes and even a glass of wine. …

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Get a slimmer waist with ginger!

This is how you can get a slimmer waist with ginger: The secret for this to work is ginger wrapping. Ginger has numerous beneficial properties if ingested, but it is also helpful if used externally. Aside the fact that it improves digestion, used externally it can 100% give you a …

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Drink this before going to sleep to get rid of belly fat!

Everyone should be aware of how important detoxing is nowadays with all the toxins in the air and all the chemicals contained by the food we eat. Not to mention if you smoke or drink alcohol. Detoxing is a way to relieve the organism of the harmful accumulated toxins especially …

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Top 5 homemade body wraps to get rid of cellulite!

Apply these creams, use plastic wrap and get to your household chores. It may be a little uncomfortable, but it works. Before you start, it is recommended to take a few precautions: Wash your hands thoroughly and disinfects all utensils that you’re about to use in the process. Otherwise, you’ll …

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Lose 7kg in one week with ginger tea

Ginger is an efficient ally when it comes to weight loss. It is recommended to be used in weight loss diets carefully, in moderation, because it has many benefits, but it also comes with a set of contraindications. The benefits of ginger: To achieve weight loss, you can include ginger …

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Honey diet – Lose 10 to 12 kg in 6 days

The honey diet is an example of effective and healthy diet with carbohydrates. Honey contains a large amount of useful substances for the human body. It helps in the process of weight loss and provides energy, at the same time offering your body the necessary nutrients helping it not to …

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