Essential tips to get rid of cellulite


Here’s how to efficiently get rid of cellulite at home:

The accumulation of toxins and dead skin cells are responsible for the unappealing aspect of cellulite. Faulty eating, excessive coffee drinking, smoking and sedentariness are the main causes of cellulite.

The areas which the most predisposed to cellulite are thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen. And it’s not true what most women think: you don’t have to be overweight to get cellulite. Regardless of how many pounds you weigh, you can develop cellulite.

How to get rid of it?

Here are 3 steps that will help you get rid of cellulite:

  1. Massage: Massaging the problematic areas is the first step for getting rid of cellulite. By putting pressure on the muscles you help the lymphatic system do its job which is eliminating toxins accumulated in tissues. It is especially helpful in areas such as the knees, which are harder to workout than other areas. Use an anti-cellulite cream increase the effect and get results faster.

You can use specialized equipment to massage the areas, as well. You can find them in the weight loss section at major stores. They come in the form of vibrating brushes or roles, or with a bunch of removable heads that target cellulite elimination.

  1. Anti-cellulite wraps: All major beauty salons do them. But you can also enjoy them at home.

You can choose algae wraps, coffee grounds, or green tea extract.

Algae wraps accelerate the metabolism at cellular level. To get a mask out of them or a lotion, mix them with anti-cellulite cream.

Caffeine works as a vasodilator which accentuates circulation.

Green tea extract is high in anti-oxidants and it is a common ingredient in anti-cellulite lotions or creams.

  1. Alternating showers: A great tip against cellulite is to alternate hot and cold water while showering. Do this especially on your buttocks, thighs and arms.


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