Get rid of acne with lettuce!


Acne has become a frequent problem not only among adolescents, but among adults as well. There are dozens of masks and creams available on the market these days that promise to get rid of this problem and some of them actually work. But they cost a fortune, depending on brand. Here’s one natural solution that will not drain your wallet completely:

Ever thought about lettuce as an acne remedy? No? Well, you’re missing out, because this delicious and healthy salad ingredient has been discovered to be quite efficient against acne.

It contains a lot of vitamins, among which we find vitamins A, B1, C, E, B6, B2 and B3, and it is also rich in calcium, magnesium, iron and copper.


2 lettuce leaves

1 teaspoon of baking soda

300ml of water

2 teaspoons of honey


Wash the salad leaves well, chop them up and place them in a pot. Add the water and simmer it at low heat for 30 minutes and then strain the liquid. Leave the resulted liquid to cool down and then add the honey and baking soda. Mix until homogenous. Transfer the liquid in a seal-tight bottle and keep it in the fridge.

Every night, before bed apply the remedy on the affected areas and leave to act overnight. In the morning, wash your face with warm water.

After just 3 days you will be amazed by the results and the effect of this fantastic remedy.

Aside to treating acne efficiently, this natural remedy is also helpful against sun burns.

Helpful tips for treating acne:

Never go to bed with your makeup on.

As much as possible, let your skin breathe by forgetting to put your makeup on.

Use makeup products that contain acne treating ingredients, based on water and not oils.

Wash your face with baking soda once a week.


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