Get rid of blackheads and facial hair with only one ingredient!


You can easily get rid of blackheads without paying a fortune on expensive cosmetic products. Keep reading if you want to find out how to get rid of blackheads and facial hair at the same time with only one natural ingredient!

To prepare this wonder mask which can help you get rid of those unaesthetic blackheads and undesirable facial hair all you need is egg white. Surprisingly, this delicious breakfast treat is also helpful in beauty problems such as this one.

After separating the egg white from the egg yolk, beat the egg white well. Start applying it on your face and get one cotton pad, the kind that it is not stitched on the margins. The reason you need this type of cotton pad is because you will strip it in thin strips. And the type that it is stitched on the margins will make that difficult.

After applying the egg white on your face, cover it with the thin strips of cotton pad I was talking about earlier. If needed, apply another layer of egg white on those again, to make them stick better and stay in place.

Make sure you avoid the areas on your face covered in hair that you do not want to remove because it will get stripped when you get the egg white off.

After covering your face with egg white and thin strips of cotton, leave to dry for one hour or until completely dry.

When you feel the “mask” dry and hardened, you may start to strips it off. Don’t strip it as you would when waxing, do it gently but firmly. If you strip it in one move you can irritate the skin. And we do not want that. Be careful on sensitive areas where you need to pay extra attention. Do not use this method if you have skin irritation or any other injury or open wounds.

You can repeat the process in a few days if not all of the hair or blackheads are removed at first use.


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