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Get rid of cellulite in 6 steps!

If you want to get rid of cellulite, especially on legs, but, or hips, keep reading! Here are 5 steps that will help you get the body you’re dreaming of:

  1. Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is realized by massaging the area affected by cellulite, applying pressure while going up but also when going down during it. This type of massage helps to relieve the feeling of heavy feet and soreness. It also helps the body drain the toxins trapped in that area and also reduces the appearance of the cellulite.

  1. Alternating showers

By alternating hot and cold water while showering it helps with toning the muscles, stimulates circulation and eliminates cellulite. Do this for a few minutes while in the shower and you will feel and see the difference in no time.

  1. Regular exfoliation

By exfoliating regularly you eliminate dead skin cells, therefore eliminating the orange peel appearance, and at the same time you activate and improve circulation. You can use polenta flour, coffee grounds, sea salt or sugar.

  1. Wraps

You can get rid of cellulite by using plastic wrap. Apply an anti-cellulite lotion or olive oil and coffee grounds and wrap the area with plastic foil. Leave to act for a few hours. You can do this during the weekends or whenever you have time.

  1. Exercise

Without exercise, weight loss is not possible, no matter what expensive pills you try. Make sure you exercise at least 3 times a week for at least 15 minutes. Cardio is the best choice to lose weight (jogging, riding the bike) and the best exercises for toning your but and legs are the donkey kick and squats.

  1. Scrubbing brush

Massage your legs and areas affected by cellulite with a scrubbing brush, before getting into the shower. This is great for getting rid of dead skin cells, cellulite and activation circulation.

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