Get rid of gray hair and stop hair fall with this exotic elixir!


Hair fall and gray hair are 2 of the most common problems amongst women. Read and find out how to treat these problems with an amazing exotic elixir that works 100%.

This powerful mixture popular among Orientals has proven to be an efficient natural remedy against gray hair and also stops hair fall. People who used it have stated that they’re got fantastic results at first use.

It is called an exotic elixir due to the main ingredient which is curry leaves. It only takes 5 minutes to prepare it but the results last for a long time, especially if used often. It is most efficient to rejuvenate brunette hair but people with other hair colors have stated that it is quite efficient, nevertheless.

This spectacular hair mask improves the health of the scalp and stimulates hair growth, as well. It acts starting from the roots of the hair, stimulating cellular regeneration and stopping hair fall.

Here’s what you need to prepare this exotic elixir:

1 big onion

5 shallots

10 cloves of garlic

10 fresh curry leaves

300ml of extra-virgin coconut oil, cold pressed

Here’s how you make it:

Put the curry leaves, the onion, garlic and shallots in a blender or do your best to finely chop them.

Add the coconut oil and bain marie it for 5 minutes until all the ingredients acquire a darker shade. Stir a couple of times while heating the mixture.

Let the mixture cool down, strain it and put it in a bottle for easy use.

Apply the mask on your hair and leave to act for 20-30 minutes and afterwards wash your hair with shampoo.

You hair will be transformed and the gray hair will be history. This special ingredients in the mask will help your hair regain its health and will help it grow stronger and thicker.

The coconut oil is also great for getting rid of gray hair, preventing hair discoloration. Moreover, the vitamins and healthy fatty acids contained by it will nurture the skin on your scalp, also fighting against sebum excess, therefore being perfect for oily hair.


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