Get slimmer in 7 days with coconut water


Coconut water is a hot subject this summer. Its amazing slimming effects have been promoted by numerous Hollywood Stars for quite some time. What is coconut water exactly and how does it work? Read and find out!

Coconut water is the liquid found inside the green coconuts. Many people confuse it with coconut milk, but it is not the same thing. Coconut milk is obtained by processing the coconut pulp and it has more fat and more calories than coconut water which is very low in calories and it is rich in minerals, natural sugars and vitamins, not to mention that it is micro-biologically pure.

Coconut water is not expensive and can be found in major supermarkets and natural stores.

If you’re set on including coconut water in your weight loss diet you should know that it is recommended to reduce portions, calories and also carbs, due to the fact that it contains natural sugars.

It is forbidden to consume the following foods if you follow the coconut diet: dairy, alcohol, caffeine, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, spices and sugar.

Among the benefits brought on by coconut water we find: cells oxygenation, metabolism acceleration, blood sugar leveling, fat burning stimulation and digestion support.

During the coconut water diet you must drink warm water with lemon juice or warm tea with lemon juice at breakfast.

Breakfast, lunch+snack and dinner dieting program:

Day 1: coconut water, carrots and ginger salad, a handful of pumpkin seeds, broccoli soup.

Day 2: coconut water, chicken, pepper grass salad, cold cucumber soup.

Day 3: coconut water, cucumber juice with lime and basil, almonds, vegetable soup or fruit juice.

Day 4: coconut water, vegetable soup, berries, grilled salmon.

Day 5: coconut water, fresh vegetables, beet with carrots, apples and ginger juice, cucumber soup with avocado.

Day 6: coconut water along with almonds and blueberries, grilled salmon, green vegetables juice, brown rice with chicken.

Day 7: coconut water, vegetables soup, almonds, salmon with zucchini and green vegetables.

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get slimmer in 7 days with coconut water



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