How to whiten your teeth with active coal!


Don’t know what to use to get rid of those yellow teeth? Well did you know that active coal is one of the best teeth whitening solutions? Here’s a short introduction regarding its properties and also how to properly use it:

How it works

Charcoal is a porous material which has an abrasive effect. Typically, coal is used to treat indigestion, in medicine being considered a true natural “bandage” for the stomach.
But coal has a property that few know. It absorbs tannins, which are pigments found in purple fruits (like berries) or drinks such as tea, coffee or wine, substances that are to blame for tooth staining.

The coal has the advantage of being much cheaper than other professional whitening methods, but is less toxic and does not cause irritation of the gums, as opposed to denture bleaching with hydrogen peroxide, for example.

How to use it

First of all, you must take in the fact that not all coals work for teeth whitening. Only medicinal active coal is suitable for this job. So don’t go buying barbecue coals now. You won’t get any effect out of it. Medicinal active coal can be found in pharmacies as tablets or capsules.

Here’s how to proceed: Crush a tablet or break down a capsule and sprinkle the active coal on your toothbrush. Brush your teeth for 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse well. Use this procedure only once a week.

Although you may think that you look funny while whitening your teeth with active coal, keep in mind that it has been proven to be one of the best homemade remedies. If you keep doing this once a week (although make sure you take long pauses after using it for a month or two to prevent experiencing sensitive teeth), and keep brushing your teeth after each meal, you will certainly get the results you want.


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