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How to naturally enlarge your breasts!

Lately, breast enlargement operations have become more and more popular. But before turning to surgery, you might want to try these natural methods which have been proven quite efficient in breast enlargement:

Eat your way to a larger breast size

Since old times women have taken advantage of the healing and beauty properties herbs and fruits and vegetables own. To naturally enlarge your breasts, make sure you include in  your diet the following items: sage, fennel, Schinduf germs, soy germs, wheat germs and dill.

Also, you should eat and foods with a high content of essential fatty acids – omega 3 and omega 6. These can be found in fish, fish oil, olives, olive oil, flaxseed oil, avocado, sesame oil sesame, almond nuts and peanuts, among others.

Fruits and vegetables are essential in a healthy diet, not just if you want to increase your breasts naturally, but if you want to have good health. Among fruits, the best varieties for breast augmentation are apples, cherries and plums, among others, while regarding the vegetable category you should frequently eat potatoes, beets, carrots and cucumbers.

According to experts, some of the best foods to naturally increase breast size are rich in estrogen. Why? Because hormonal imbalance during adolescence may slow down the growth of breasts. You should know that if you start to include in your diet foods rich in estrogen, the results will be seen only after several months or even a year. Include in your diet asparagus, soy and soy products, low-fat dairy and barley.

Natural breast enlargement by massage

Every night before bedtime you should book at least 10 minutes for your breasts. Massage improves blood circulation and firms the skin, which means that after a few months you’ll have bigger and firmer breasts.
Natural breast enlargement through exercise

Besides diet and massage, using exercises that target the breast area daily will get you where you want faster. In principle, any exercise which makes you tighten chest muscles is helpful for breast augmentation.

The easiest exercise to increase your breasts is to sit on a chair, keep your back straight, then bring your arms forward and you position your palms against each other. All you have to do is push and tighten those chest muscles.

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