How to prevent and treat ingrown hair!


This is every woman’s nightmare – ingrown hairs. They’re painful, unaesthetic and can cause serious skin problems for those with sensitive skin, especially. Here’s how to prevent and treat ingrown hair and achieve silky smooth skin all over:

Choose the right hair removal method for you!

If you have sensitive skin or even if you don’t, make sure you choose the right hair removal method for you. If you choose waxing, and you encounter problems afterwards, perhaps you might want to try the sugar waxing method which has proven to be less problematic for women with sensitive skin. Also, make sure you scrub and exfoliate before waxing, and also before or when in the shower, to help the hair follicle pierce the skin and for you to be able to get it out.

Take care of your skin!

If not careful, hair follicles can get infected by dead skin cells, dust, or bacteria. To prevent this from happening, make sure you exfoliate weekly and also do not use skin care products that close the pores. It’s better to leave the skin to breathe.

Don’t wear tight clothes!

Tight clothes apply pressure on your skin and don’t permit it to breath, which favors the appearance of ingrown hair. Choose instead cotton clothes and avoid synthetic textiles.

Dilate the pores before waxing or shaving!

Use hot water or steam to dilate the pores and reveal the hair that you want to remove. You can use a towel soaked in hot water and wrap your legs with it for a few minutes.

Don’t wax for several times in the same spot!

Specialists advise women who wax at home to only apply wax once on every area. By waxing for several times in the same place you will only irritate the skin or worse injure yourself by removing layers of your skin.

Use tweezers in worst case scenarios!

If the ingrown hairs are deep, you can use tweezers to get them out. Make sure you’re careful though.

Use essential oils and aloe gel!

Use diluted essential oils such as lavender to deeply hydrate the skin and help the hair pierce the skin, thus avoiding ingrown hair. You can also use aloe gel every night, before bed. Apply it on the areas where you have ingrown hair and leave to act overnight. Exfoliate the next day.


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