The struggle of having oily hair – natural remedies


Hair problems can be successfully treated naturally. Whether dry or oily, or whether we’re talking about hair fall, nature has offered us all we need to restore our hair’s health. Here are a few natural ways to deal with oily hair:

Oily hair requires daily washing. A good tip for oily hair is to wait a few minutes before rinsing, after applying and massaging the hair with shampoo, whether bought or house made. In case of really oily hair, shampoo twice.

Applying conditioner on oily hair is optional and usually not recommended. However, if you do choose to apply conditioner, make sure you avoid applying it on the scalp, as well. Only apply it on your hair length.

Use hairspray. This a great tip, especially in case of oily hair. By applying hairspray, you keep the hair in place and you don’t have to touch it as much to make it stay as you wish. Constantly touching the hair you transfer the natural grease on your hands onto your hair, thus making it even oilier.

Natural treatments for oily hair:

Rinse your hair with a mix of lemon juice, vinegar and water, 3-4 times a week.

Beer is another great natural treatment for oily hair. Apply it on a clean towel and damp your scalp with it before washing your hair as normal.

Baby powder is also great for oily hair, especially when you don’t have time to wash your hair. Apply a little bit of powder on your scalp and massage it gently.

Lemon juice on its own is great for cleaning the excess sebum off of your scalp. Combine the juice from 2-3 lemons with warm water and rinse your hair with it.

Lavender oil added in your favorite shampoo does wonders if you have oily hair, due to the fact that it has antiseptic properties. 2-3 drops mixed in the amount of shampoo you use once is enough.

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The struggle of having oily hair - natural remedies


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