Top 10 weight loss and detox teas


Here are the top 10 herbal teas that target weight loss and detoxing:

Green tea is a powerful detoxing tea and it is also diuretic, meaning that it helps in weight loss. It also stimulates fat burning keeping under control the level of cholesterol. It is recommended to drink between 3 and 6 cups of green tea, one hour before each meal. You can add honey or lemon to it.

Dandelion tea is great for detoxing the liver and it is a great ally when it comes to weight loss due to the fact that it regulates intestinal transit and fights against obesity. It is recommended to drink 3 cups/day.

Marigold tea is a digestive tonic and it is also an efficient liver detoxer.  Drink 3 cups a day, 30 minutes before every meal.

Nettle tea stimulates the elimination of the toxins found in the blood and kidney, due to the fact that it is a powerful diuretic. It is especially helpful in regulating the sugar level in the blood, thus combating the craving for sweets.

Chamomile tea helps with the detoxing of the digestive tract and liver and also has antimicrobial properties. It is recommended against gastritis, enteritis and colitis.

Thistle tea is a powerful antioxidant, it has detoxing properties and it helps regenerate liver cells.

Lemon tea is full of vitamin C which accelerates the metabolism and decreases the appetite. It is easily prepared by boiling a few lemon slices and leaving them to infuse for 5 minutes.

Liquorice tea is great for detoxing the liver and increases immunity.

Combined elm bark, hollyhock and rhubarb root tea has a powerful depurative effect and it is also a protector of a digestive system.

Elm bark is useful for treating and relieving conditions of the digestive tract such as ulcer, gastritis, diarrhea or food poisoning.

Hollyhock is helpful by eliminating the food residues in the colon.

Rhubarb root is great against bloating and constipation, detoxing the colon and stimulates bowel movement.

Detox tea: mint for digestion improvement, red clover for detoxing the blood, green tea and dandelion.

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Top 10 weight loss and detox teas


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