The ultimate skin pampering treatment – paraffin!


The most pretentious SPA facilities have it on their “menu” – paraffin wraps. It is the ultimate skin pampering treatment: it hydrates and stimulates circulation. Here’s how to enjoy it at home:

What is paraffin?

It is a type of wax but it has a more elastic consistency and it is thicker than the average wax. It also has a lower melting point, meaning that it is easier to use than wax, which often burns the skin if used by non-professionals.

If you have dry hands or cracked heels, you can use it as a remedy with confidence because it is efficient against skin problems such as these.

You will find paraffin in specialized stores, in solid form. To use it, it needs to be melted (48 degrees usually do the trick). You can use it to do hand or feet wraps, along with plastic foil, which you use after you apply the paraffin on the skin and it is somewhat hardened already.

It can also be used to treat conditions such as arthritis or rheumatism due to its circulation activating properties and also muscle relaxing.

As a beauty remedy, paraffin is excellent for dry hands and cracked heels, as stated above. It does double duty: it hydrates the skin and when removed, it also removes dead skin cells, leaving the skin silky smooth.

Here are the steps to be followed when using paraffin at home as beauty treatment:

Melt a sufficient amount of paraffin, depending on the targeted area. To do so, place the paraffin to be melted in a glass bowl and bain marie it, sort of. And I say sort of because during the bain marie method you cannot let the bowl to touch the boiling water. In this case, you may.

After melting it, add a cup of olive oil and add 5 drops of essential lavender oil. Leave it to cool down a little. It’s suitable for use when you notice a thin film forming above it. Test it on your wrist to make sure it’s ok to use.

Submerge your feet or hands in it several times. Make sure you don’t move too much so it doesn’t crack.

Put on a pair of gloves/socks or wrap the area with a thick towel.

Gently remove the paraffin after several minutes by peeling it off.


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